1. Bottom of The Curve
    16 May, 2016
    Bottom of The Curve
    Where will interest rates go from here? 'Bottom of the curve' is a term often used to describe the point where interest rates may have hit their lowest point over a period of time. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) began dropping the cash rate in November 2011 eventually reaching an all-time historical low of 2.00% in May 2015. The rate has remained steady until this months meeting where the decision was made to drop the rate a further quarter of a percent to 1.75%.   Much debate continues
  2. Starting Over.....
    12 May, 2016
    Starting Over.....
    In Australia today around 1 in 3 marriages can be expected to end in divorce. With 77% of Australian couples also living together before getting married (and let’s face it - some don’t go the distance) the real impact of relationship breakdowns is likely to be much higher than the statistics lead us to believe. There is no doubt moving on from any long term relationship, be it marriage or de facto, can attract a heavy emotional toll. But the financial impact can also be far reaching and long
  3. Planning a renovation? Renovate for profit not for fun
    19 Apr, 2016
    Planning a renovation? Renovate for profit not for fun
    Planning a renovation? Some people love to buy a new home, sit back, relax and do nothing. Others itch to renovate their home at some stage – especially if they believe in the age old advice of buying ‘the worst house in the best street’! If your purchase is to be the family home for many years it makes sense to ensure your  renovation provides the features and inclusions that will enhance your lifestyle and support family changes/additions over time. Beware though – when your heart is
  4. Borrowing Power
    06 Apr, 2016
    Borrowing Power
    How a simple change can improve your borrowing capacity Are you interested in entering the property market or upsizing your existing home? Does it seem to be just out of your reach? Many of our clients are keen to understand what influences their borrowing power. If you know how you can improve your borrowing capacity you may be a step closer to your next home or investment property. Ultimately, all lenders look at your ability to service the loan. To determine this they look at a number of




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